Kalim Aajiz

In the realm of poetry, where words dance to the rhythm of emotions and thoughts, Kalim Aajiz emerges as a captivating voice, weaving verses that touch the very depths of the human soul. With an innate ability to express profound emotions and observations through his art, Aajiz has carved a niche for himself in the literary world, enchanting readers with his thought-provoking and evocative verses.

Born with a pen in his hand and a kaleidoscope of emotions in his heart, Aajiz embarked on his poetic journey at an early age. His verses, imbued with a blend of introspection and sensitivity, transcend the boundaries of time and culture, resonating with readers across generations. Aajiz has an uncanny knack for capturing the intricacies of the human experience, illuminating the universal truths that bind us all.

Aajiz's poetry is a testament to the power of language and its ability to evoke emotions and provoke introspection. His words have the uncanny ability to transport readers to the heart of his experiences, making them feel and perceive the world through his eyes. Whether it's love, loss, longing, or the complex tapestry of human relationships, Aajiz fearlessly delves into the depths of these themes, unraveling their essence with elegance and depth.

One of the defining characteristics of Aajiz's poetry is its lyrical quality. His verses flow like a melodic symphony, enchanting listeners with their rhythmic cadence. Every word is carefully chosen, every line meticulously crafted, creating a harmonious interplay of sounds and meanings. Reading his poetry is akin to listening to a heartfelt melody, where each word resonates and lingers in the mind long after the last line has been read.

While Aajiz's words possess a timeless quality, they also carry a distinct contemporary relevance. His poetry often reflects the pulse of society, offering astute observations on pressing issues and capturing the zeitgeist of the times. From social justice to political upheaval, Aajiz fearlessly explores the complexities of the world we live in, challenging readers to reflect on their own roles and responsibilities within it.

In addition to his written works, Aajiz is also known for his mesmerizing performances as a spoken word artist. His captivating stage presence and magnetic delivery bring an additional layer of depth and emotion to his poetry. Aajiz's spoken word performances are a spectacle of passion and vulnerability, captivating audiences and leaving them spellbound.

With his unwavering dedication to his craft, Kalim Aajiz has become an influential voice in contemporary poetry. His ability to traverse the vast landscape of human emotions and articulate them in a way that resonates deeply is a testament to his artistry. Through his poetry, Aajiz invites readers and listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empathy, reminding us of the transformative power of words.

As the world continues to navigate the complexities of existence, poets like Kalim Aajiz serve as guiding lights, illuminating the path with their words. With every verse he pens, Aajiz invites us to delve deeper into the recesses of our own souls, to confront our joys and sorrows, and to celebrate the beauty of being human. He is a poet who not only captures the essence of life but also inspires us to embrace our own poetic journey, reminding us that within the realm of words, lies the power to heal, transform, and connect us all.

ye samundar hai kinare hi kinare jao
ishq har shaKHs ke bas ka nahin pyare jao
yun to maqtal men tamashai bahut aate hain
aao us waqt ki jis waqt pukare jao
dil ki bazi lage phir jaan ki bazi lag jae
ishq men haar ke baiTho nahin haare jao
kaam ban jae agar zulf-e-junun ban jae
is liye usko sanwaro ki sanware jao
koi rasta koi manzil ise dushwar nahin
jis jagah chaho mohabbat ke sahaare jao
hum to miTTi se ugaenge mohabbat ke gulab
tum agar toDne jate ho sitare jao
Dubna hoga agar Dubna taqdir men hai
chahe kashti pe raho chahe kinare jao
tum hi socho bhala ye shauq koi shauq hua
aaj unchai pe baiTho kal utare jao
maut se khel ke karte ho mohabbat aajiz
mujhko Dar hai kahin be-maut na mare jao
Kaleem Aajiz

Zaalim thaa vo aur zulm kii aadat bhii bahut thii
Majabuur the ham us se muhabbat bhii bahut thii
Us but ke sitam sah ke dikhaa hii diyaa ham ne
Go apnii tabiyat meN baGhaavat bhii bahut thii
Vaaqif hii na thaa ramz-e-muhabbat se vo varnaa
Dil ke liye thoRii sii inaayat bhii bahut thii
YuN hii nahiiN mashhuur E zamaanaa meraa qaatil
Us shaKhs ko is fan meN mahaarat bhii bahut thii
Kyaa daur-e-Ghazab thaa k lahuu dil meN bahut thaa
Aur dil ko lahuu karane kii fursat bhii bahut thii
Har shaam sunaate the hasiinoN ko Ghazal ham
Jab maal bahut thaa to saKhaavat bhii bahut thii
Bulavaa ke ham ‘Ajiz’ ko pashemaaN bhii bahut haiN
Kyaa kiijiye kam_baKht kii shohrat bhii bahut thii

Mere hii lahuu par guzar auqaat karo ho
Mujh se hii amiiroN ki tarah baat karo ho
Din ek sitam,  ek sitam raat karo ho
Vo dost ho dushman ko biii jo maat karo ho
Ham khaak_nashiN tum suKhan aara ho sar-E-baam
Paas aake milo duur se kyaa baat karo ho
Ham ko jo milaa hai vo tumhiiN se to milaa hai
Ham aur bhulaa deN tumheN kyaa baat karo ho
YuuN to hameN muNh pher ke dekho bhi nahiN ho
Jab vaqt paRe hai to madaaraat karo ho
Daaman pe koii chiiNt na Khanjar pe koi daaGh
Tum qatl karo ho ke karaamaat karo ho
Bakne bhi do “Aajiz” ko jo bole hai bake hai
Diivaanaa hai diivaane se kyaa baat karo ho

Is naaz is andaaz se tum haaye chalo ho
Roz ek Ghazal ham se kahalavaaye chalo ho
Rakhnaa hai kahiN paaNv to rak_kho ho kahiN paaNv
Chalnaa zaraa aayaa hai to itaraaye chalo ho
Diivaana-E-gul qaidii-E-zanjiir hai, aur tum
Kyaa THaa_TH se gulshan kii havaa khaaye chalo ho
MaE meN koi Khaami hai na saaGhar meN koi khoT
Piinaa nahiN aaye hai to chhalkaaye chalo ho
Ham kuchh nahiN kahate haiN koi kuchh nahiN kahtaa
Tum kyaa ho tumhiN sab se kahalavaaye chalo ho
ZulfoN kii hai fitrat yahi, lekin mere pyaare
zulfoN se bhii zyaadaa tumhiN bal khaaye chalo ho
Vo shokh sitam_gar to sitam Dhaaye chale hai
Tum ho ke “Kaleem” apanii Ghazal gaaye chalo ho