Ahmad Faraz, the name that resonates with poetry enthusiasts, stands as a towering figure in the realm of Urdu literature. Born as Syed Ahmad Shah in Kohat, British India, on January 12, 1931, Faraz became one of the most celebrated and beloved poets of his time. His profound words, rich metaphors, and poignant expressions captured the hearts and minds of countless readers, cementing his legacy as a master poet.

Faraz's poetry is characterized by its depth, intensity, and the ability to touch the deepest recesses of the human soul. His verses delve into themes of love, loss, longing, revolution, and social justice, reflecting the trials and tribulations of the society he lived in. Faraz possessed an uncanny talent for weaving together words that evoked strong emotions, often stirring a sense of longing, melancholy, or hope within his readers.

One of the distinctive aspects of Faraz's poetry is his mastery of the ghazal form. He revitalized this traditional poetic form, infusing it with his unique style and contemporary sensibilities. His ghazals are replete with captivating imagery, thought-provoking symbolism, and a lyrical quality that sets them apart. Faraz had an innate ability to capture the nuances of human relationships, particularly the bittersweet nature of love, with remarkable finesse.

Throughout his poetic journey, Faraz remained a voice of dissent and resistance. His verses became a powerful medium to criticize social and political injustices, and he fearlessly confronted the prevailing power structures of his time. He spoke for the downtrodden, the marginalized, and the voiceless, embodying the spirit of a true poet-activist.

Faraz's poetry not only resonated within the confines of his native Pakistan but transcended borders, touching the hearts of Urdu poetry enthusiasts worldwide. His words became an integral part of the cultural fabric, inspiring generations and leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

Ahmad Faraz breathed his last on August 25, 2008, leaving behind a rich body of work that continues to inspire and captivate readers to this day. His verses remind us of the power of words, the beauty of language, and the profound impact that poetry can have on society.

In the realm of Urdu poetry, Ahmad Faraz's name shines like a radiant star, forever illuminating the hearts of those who seek solace, inspiration, and an unfiltered expression of the human experience. His legacy remains an eternal testament to the enduring power of poetry to touch the very core of our existence.

woh roz dekhta hai doobtay hue suraj ko FARAZ!!!!!!!!! kaash main bhi kisi shaam ka manzar hota

Jiska tum puchte ho wo mar gaya ?FARAZ?, Usko kisi ki yaad ne zinda jala diya???.

Tera na ho saka to mar jaunga ?Faraz?, kitna khoobsurat wo jhuth bolta tha.

?Faraz? Zulm Hy Itni Khud-Aitmadi Bhi
k Raa Bhi Thi Andheri Aur Chiraag Bhi Na Lia

Kiyon Tabiaat Kahin Theharti Nahi Dosti Tau Udaas Karti Nahi
Hum Hamesha Ke Ser Chashm Sahi Tujh Ko Dekhain Tau Aankh Bharti Nahi
Shab-e-Hijraan Bhi Roz-e-Bad Ki Tarah Kutt Tau Jaati Hai Par Guzarti Nahi
Sher Bhi Aayton Se Kiya Kum Hein Hum Pe Mana Wahi Utarti Nahi
Yeh Mohabbat Hai, Sun Zamany Sun Itni Aasanion Se Marti Nahi
Jiss Tarah Tum Guzaarty Ho Faraz Zindagi Iss Tarah Guzarti Nahi

merey lafzon ki pehchan agar wo ker leta faraz usey mujh se nahi,khud se hi muhabbat ho jati!

Main Logo?n Se Mulaqato?n K Lamhy Yaad Rakhta Hoon
Main Baatai?n Bhuul Bhi jao?n Tou Lehjy Yaad Rakhta Hoon
Sar-e-Mehfil Nigahai?n Mujh Pe Jin Logo?n Ki Parti Hyn
Nigaho?n k Hawaly Se Wo Chehry Yaad Rakhta Hoon
Zara Sa Hut k Chalta Hoon Zamany Ki Riwa?yat Se
K Jin Pe Bojh Main Daalo?n Wo Kaandhy Yaad Rakhta Hoon

Kaat Kar Zuban Meri Keh Raha Tha Wo FARAZ, Ab Tumhe Ejazat hai Hal-e-Dil Sunane Ki.

?Taash K pat0n ki Manind hai Zindagi meri.. ~.Faraz.~
?Jis kisi ne bhi Khela Taqseem mar diya Mujhe?!!!

Ab aur kya kisi se maraasim barrhayein hum, Yeh bhi bohut hai, tujhe bhool jayen hum,
Sehra-e-zindagi mein koyi dusra na tha, Sunte rahe hein aap hi apni sadaayn hum,
Iss zindagi mein itni fraghat kise naseeb, Itna na yaad aa ke tujhe bhool jayen hum,
Tu itni dil zada tau na thi ay shab-e-firaq, Aa tere raaste mein sitaare luttayen hum,
Woh log ab kahan hein jo kehte they kal faraz, Haye haye khuda-na-karda tujhe bhi rulayen hum..